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CASA is an acronym for Court Appointed Special Advocates. A Court Appointed Special Advocate is a volunteer trained and supported by CASA staff to monitor the court cases of children aged birth to eighteen who have been determined to be abused, neglected and/or dependent by the juvenile court system. CASA volunteers are appointed by a judge to serve as an advocate for the purpose of speaking in the child's best interest.


Our Mission:

CASA Kendall County is a non-profit organization that recruits, trains and supports volunteer citizen advocates to effectively speak to the best interests of abused, neglected and dependent children in Kendall County's juvenile court system because every child has the right to a safe, permanent and nurturing home.


Join us for the 5th Annual "Play For The Kids" CASA Softball Tournament. This year there will be some fun changes to the format to ensure the event stays family friendly and safe for all. For division information and basic rules see below:


Pros Division: 8 Team, Double Elimination Bracket Format

Games will start between 8am and 8:30am and play back to back until there is a Champion. These teams can be all male or co-ed if you choose. Rules will be listed in full soon but will include: no metal cleats and no altered bats allowed. There will not be a home run limit this year.  


Joes Division: 12 Teams, Round Robin Format, 2 Game Guarantee

Games will begin anytime after 9:30 and run throughout the day. Joes teams must be co-ed. A minimum of three girls will be required to be on all teams and must all bat and  play in the field each inning. Girls must be evenly dispersed in the batting order. The umpire or field manager can require you to change your order before the game if this rule is not followed. Recreational teams only. Competitive teams should sign up as pros. We reserve the right to move your team to the Pros division for the safety of all players. (For more information on determining which league is best for your team please contact Nikki before registering.) Teams will play in a round robin format. Winners will be determined by the most games won and the least number of runs allowed. 


No homerun limit will apply this year but 7 runs will remain the maximum that can be counted per inning.


Boys and Girls Baseball/Softball Tournaments:

Each division will be four teams. Play will be a round robin format. Games will follow the same rules used for Spring Season Yorkville Baseball and Softball..


Boys Baseball:  11and 12U Welcome.. They will play against each other. Teams are welcome to invite any players 12 and under to play on their team. Max players 12. 


Girls Softball: 13U and 14U Welcome. They will play against each other. Teams are welcome to invite any players 14 and under to play on their team. Max players 12.





CASA reserves the right to add to or amend these rules                      at anytime before game day. 


No harassment of the umpires will be tolerated. Any threats of violence, obvious intoxication or excessive use of foul language will lead to a player being asked to leave the premises (not just the game). For the safety of all attendees no exceptions will be made. This day is meant to be fun for all and FAMILY FRIENDLY. We must all remember we are there for the kids and this is just for fun! No one will get a contract with the MLB at the end but you will get to brag you did something to help children who need us to show up for them. Thank you all for supporting CASA Kendall County

and coming out to "Play For The Kids"!



This event will be BYOB! Concessions will be available for non-alocholic drinks and snacks. These profits all go straight to CASA Kendall County and are an important part of the days fundraising, so we kindly ask for your support. Have a Snickers and a Coke and help a child! Credit cards will be accepted but cash is appreciated!


Softball Teams

Team registration. Please choose division and number of players from drop down menu.

Team Options

Choose the sponsorship level that best works for you from the drop down menu.

Sponsorship Options

Bags of Hugs

CASA Kendall County wishes to thank those who donated to our Bags of Hugs Program!

Often when children are removed from their homes, their favorite things are sometimes left behind.  Through this program and generous donors, we are able to provide every child who comes into the program with a backpack and some essential items to help make them more comfortable.



A CASA Volunteer is a trained and committed adult appointed by a judge to serve on cases of child abuse or neglect. CASA's are trained to thoroughly research a child's case and advocate on behalf of the child's best interests. Learn more.

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CASA Kendall County invites our supporters to use Amazon Smile when doing online shopping. This allows you to select CASA Kendall County as your charity of choice. Every time you make a purchase through Amazon Smile, a percentage of your purchase is donated back to CASA Kendall County!

You can use this link:  http://smile.amazon.com/ch/36-4226686

We appreciate your support!

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