Eloise Masten Memorial Fund:                 

        Supporting the Dreams of  Youth In Need

This program has been developed to support abused and neglected children in foster care whose situation has made it difficult if not impossible for them to experience the simple joys of participating in dance, sports, piano lessons, scouts, camps, theater, and many more life enriching activites children in traditonal homes enjoy everyday. It is well known that participation in these activites eases the trauma of their time in foster care and helps put them on a path to greater success in the future. It is not uncommon for a child who enters the system to have to give up everything they love. From a 17 year old on a path to a college football scholarship no longer able to play because the system can't pay for his equipment, to a tiny ballerina who has to give up the only thing that takes her mind of her trauma becuase her foster parents just can't cover the costs of classes and those mandatory sparkly costumes, the stories of loss go on and on. To some it might not seem like that big of a deal to not be able to play basketball this season but to a child who has lost his home, his family, and his sense of secuity in the world, the extra grief of losing that one thing that makes them feel happy can be extraordinarily traumatic. This fund will help CASA Kendall County to provide these types of resources to our kids in care. Whether they need money to cover the cost of getting their drivers license, for that trumpet they want to play in the band, or the registration fee for that summer camp where they learn how to build robots, CASA will be able to help them live out their dreams. Your donation will go directly to this fund and 100% will help us support the hopes and dreams of the children we serve in this community. Thank you for helping us make their days a little brighter and making sure each and every child knows that someone out their cares.



Eloise Masten was the beloved mother of our Executive Director Jennifer Gilbert who passed away on 03/30/2017.  As a mother who adopted both of her children from the foster care system she knew the value of providing her children and every child with all this world had to offer, from sports to college educations. It is in her honor that CASA Kendall County will carry on her belief that all chidlren deserve to grow up safe, happy, and loved... Thank you for your donation.

Donor Spotlight:


In Loving Memory of Danny Wilson


Danny Wilson was a family man, married for 48 years with 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter. When his children were young he coached his daughter's softball teams and was active in his son's boy scout troop.  As his children grew, attending their sporting events was a great joy in his life. He loved to fish, camp, and watch the Cubs. Known for his laugh and infectious smile he was someone who brought happiness to those around him. Danny recently passed unexpectedly and his family has made a donation to the EM Memorial Fund in his honor because of the joy he had watching his children grow up playing sports, and of course his love for the Cubs. They have requested that these funds support a local youth basbeball player in need and CASA was able to fulfill that request. Thanks to their generosity and the love they shared for this great family man, a young boys dream to play baseball this season was fulfilled.










Bags of Hugs

CASA Kendall County wishes to thank those who donated to our Bags of Hugs Program!

Often when children are removed from their homes, their favorite things are sometimes left behind.  Through this program and generous donors, we are able to provide every child who comes into the program with a backpack and some essential items to help make them more comfortable.



A CASA Volunteer is a trained and committed adult appointed by a judge to serve on cases of child abuse or neglect. CASA's are trained to thoroughly research a child's case and advocate on behalf of the child's best interests. Learn more.

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